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Youth Sports Safety Tips to Remember This Spring

Kids engage in spring sports with safety in mind

Now that the long, dull winter is finally over, everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, no one more so than parents and their children. Your kids have probably been going stir-crazy being cooped up inside, and now that you have the opportunity to let them get outside for plenty of exercise and fun, you’re both sure to be much happier for it. This is the time of year when many youth sports kick into full swing, from school teams to recreational activities, and while these are great pastimes for kids of all ages, any sport can carry some danger along with it. However, by keeping a few standard rules and tips in mind, you can make sports much safer for the kids you love this spring!

Get a Preseason Physical

A visit to the doctor’s office before the start of the season is often required by schools and other organizations for a reason. Prevention is everything when it comes to sports safety for kids, and knowing ahead of time if there’s anything going on that might cause a problem can help you to avoid injuries and issues down the line. These exams can help you to identify problems like asthma that can be treated and controlled, and the doctor might also be able to provide advice about preventing injuries or protecting previous injuries to keep them from getting worse.

Encourage Warmups and Recovery

Adults are usually well aware of the importance of warming up before physical activity and cooling down afterwards– we’ve all had trouble getting out of bed the next morning when we’ve forgotten to do so. Kids, however, can often neglect this important part of exercise and might end up injuring themselves because of it. Encourage the kids in your life to make warming up with both static and active stretches a regular part of their routine, and press them to rest and recover between games and practices as well to avoid overuse injuries, which are common in young athletes.

Get Proper Equipment

The equipment that your child uses to participate in their sport can make a huge difference in their physical wellbeing, so making sure that they have proper equipment that fits well and is in good shape is absolutely essential. Even something as simple as having the right shoes can help to keep your child safe during the sports season. Protective gear like pads, guards, and helmets are especially important, so don’t let your kid go without them! If need be, you can speak to your child’s coach about making sure they have the proper equipment before the season starts.

Provide Hydration

This rule is especially important as the weather continues to get warmer, but it’s crucial for the whole year when it comes to physical exertion. Kids need to be reminded to hydrate constantly while they’re participating in their sport. Heat-related illnesses are extremely common for young athletes, and dehydration can take a serious toll on your child’s health. Make sure you provide them with water and electrolytes and encourage them to drink regularly at breaks, and keep an eye on them for dizziness, nausea, fatigue, confusion, and fainting, which are all signs of heat-related illnesses. Staying properly hydrated can help to keep these issues at bay!


These tips can help you to keep your child safe and well-protected during their sports season this year! If you want more safety tips for all of the seasons of the year and to learn more about how to protect yourself and your loved ones with insurance, make sure to continue reading our blog at YMI!

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