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Rising home repair costs
Personal Insurance

Rising Home Repair Costs and Insurance. Are you Covered?

July 1, 2021
Home Repair Costs have jumped.  The cost of buying and installing home building supplies is going through the roof, and…
Female Bakery Stall Holder At Farmers Fresh Food Market
Personal Insurance

A BOP Can Protect Your Business

March 24, 2021
Do you need a BOP? Imagine the following costly scenarios: One of your staff embezzles $80,000 from your company. A…
umbrella policy
Personal Insurance

What is an Umbrella Policy?

March 23, 2021
I am often asked "What is an umbrella policy?" Simply put, an umbrella policy is designed to protect you from…

Warmer Temperatures Bring Winter Thaw

February 24, 2021
Are we there yet? Have we reached the end of winter weather in our daily forecasts? Well, maybe not completely,…
non-owned auto coverage.
Business Insurance

Why Every Business Needs Non-Owned Auto Coverage

January 22, 2021
Does your business need non-owned auto coverage? When employees are involved in accidents while driving their own vehicle on company…
home with matching detached garage.
homeowners insurance

5 Homeowners Coverages You May Not Know You Need

January 8, 2021
As a homeowner you may have exposures that aren't covered by a standard homeowners policy.  There may be risks in…
totaled vehicle
car insurance

Understanding the Term ‘Totaled Vehicle’

December 18, 2020
You've had an accident and your vehicle is in bad shape. After you report your claim, the insurance company sends…
are you covered word under torn black sugar paper.
Personal Insurance

Losing Everything Due to Inadequate Auto Liability Coverage

December 17, 2020
Each state sets its own minimum auto liability coverage for drivers. Your state's goal is to make the required insurance…

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